When it comes to slots, Casino Admiral Prague provides an exciting and rewarding experience! Our casinos boast a huge variety of flashy slot machines with ultra-modern games, thrilling sounds and gripping graphics.

Casinos Narodni, Kleopatra and Kotva offer new Novo Line Cash slots that thrill players with instant awards and more chances for the huge jackpot wins! Each slot has mini, minor and grand prizes. The amount of mini and minor bonuses increases with higher bet levels. It follows that slots from each branch combine the attractive GRAND jackpot. The minimum Jackpot winning amount is 300,000 CZK and, of course, the amount increases during the play.

On January 4, 2022 a lucky slot winner from the United Arab Emirates hit the GRAND jackpot of 304,534 CZK at Casino Narodni.

Come to enjoy an incomparable experience and be our next big winner!

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