Admiral Promotion Tower is a unique loyalty scheme created to award regular players with bonuses. The system is available at our five branches of Casino Admiral Prague.

A participation in this loyalty programme is not mandatory.

During each visit the player has the opportunity to collect  specific symbols.

In order to participate in the loyalty bonus programme, the player is asked to place their registered finger / player´s card to a fingerprint reader at the beginning of the loyalty scheme. Each Admiral Promotion Tower is equipped with the fingerprint reader.

When the player participates in the programme for the first time, they receive a 100 CZK entry bonus at their first game. The entry bonus is added to values of the symbols that are collected by the player during the challenge. When the challenge is over, the bonus will be paid to the player. The player collects 3 different symbols, each of them stands for a different value:

Cherry 25 CZK

Watermelon 100 CZK

7     250 CZK

If the player obtains any of three symbols, they will be displayed in one of the four black fields. When all these fields are completed, the total amount corresponding to values of the collected symbols including the entry bonus will be paid to the user´s account. The player may then withdraw the amount or use it as a bet in any other game at any branch of Casino Admiral Prague.

When the money from the loyal bonus programme are paid, the challenge starts again. Now the player has a new chance to collect all symbols.

Each challenge lasts 60 days. If the player does not fill all four fields with individual symbols in 60 days, the collected symbols are cancelled and the challenge starts from the beginning.

If all four fields are filled on time, the minimum amount of the bonus is 100 CZK.

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